AfD: CDU's deception of people hypocritical

AfD: CDU's deception of people hypocritical

The parliamentary proposal on tasking the federal government with stopping mass migration has triggered a heated debate.

POLITICS APRIL 28. 2023 12:58

The party alliance of the German Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) initiated a proposal in the Bundestag for the government to introduce strict controls at the Swiss and Czech border crossings. Since both countries are members of the Schengen zone, there is currently no routine and constant checks at the national entry and exit points – so people smugglers and illegal migrants are making regular attempts to enter Germany en masse through these borders.

According to the proposal, as long as the external borders of the EU are “not sufficiently protected” and the number of illegal entries continues, controls at these internal borders must be reinstated.

So far, Germany has requested a derogation to the Schengen rule only along the Austrian border. According to CDU politician Christoph de Vries, the local governments are already overburdened, so “things cannot go on like this”.

In 2022, a total of 14,675 people were denied entry at the Austrian border during the course of sporadic random checks. At the Swiss and Czech borders, this procedure cannot currently be applied by the federal police because of legal barriers, as there is no Schengen exception registered there. The federal police registered a total of 19,672 illegal entries in the first quarter of 2023, and since 2022, this indicator has risen in every quarter. For example, the number of illegal immigrants from Switzerland increased five-fold from the first half of 2022 to the second half.

Manuel Ostermann, the deputy head of the German police union, criticised the federal interior ministry for not recognising the need for temporary border controls. He suggested that the power of federal police should be strengthened within the Residence Act, allowing them to conduct checks at Germany’s internal borders and carry out deportations. Currently, the legal framework only permits such actions in the case of Schengen exceptions, like the Austrian border. This oversight is a significant mistake, considering the security risks involved, Mr Ostermann emphasized.

The right-wing opposition party Alternative for Germany (AfD) says the way the CDU/CSU alliance talks about migration is extremely hypocritical. Friedrich Merz’s CDU party is using big, deceptive words to make people believe that they reject mass immigration, while it was the CDU – the ruling party in the previous term – which opened the borders to millions of people in 2015.

“The latest hypocritical manoeuvre involves the joint motion of the CDU and CSU parliamentary groups in the Bundestag, which now suddenly supports national border controls and reduced payments to asylum seekers. The CDU has damaged our country with mass immigration under Angela Merkel and they still continue to do so, even despite their hypocritical words and equally insincere proposals,”

AfD said in a statement, adding that it was worth looking at some provinces as examples.

“Take Brandenburg, for example: the CDU has been in government there since 2019, and the interior minister also comes from the CDU. However, the number of deportations has dropped even further compared to 2018 (530) – to just 172 in 2022. Berlin can expect precisely the same type of tragedy, where the CDU has only recently unveiled a radical leftist coalition agreement, which contains details about “queer-insiders” and the building of a “migration museum,” but nothing on consistent deportations,”

the statement reads.



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