Left suffers devastating defeat in by-elections

The ruling party candidate won the by-elections, ensuring a right-wing majority in the district assembly.

POLITICS JUNE 27. 2022 09:22

Judit Gondos, the candidate of the majority ruling party Fidesz, has won over her left-wing opponent in the by-elections of the 5th voting district within the 8th city district of the Hungarian capital Budapest.

Due to the state of danger declared during the epidemic, ballot-casting for the successor of Lajos Balogh, a leftist local councillor who passed away in November 2020 of a coronavirus infection, could only take place now.

A few weeks before the interim election, however, five leftist councillors in the district announced that they would form a separate group in the municipal council, shrinking the left-wing group led by Mayor Andras Piko to just six.

This has been the same size as the Fidesz-KDNP group in the district, so with the current victory of Judit Gondos, the right-wing now has a relative majority in the district 8 council.



Hungary, municipal elections