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Anti-racism activist spread anti-police propaganda in public schools last year

Assa Traore, a key activist of the French anti-violence and anti-racism movement, began spreading her anti-police propaganda as early as last year, giving lectures on police violence to students in public high schools.

Adama Traore, a black man died in police custody in 2016, is widely referred to as the 'George Floyd' of France. His siter, Assa Traore, has since become a major figure of the French anti-racism and anti-police violence movement. These days she has regular media appearances and issues daily threats about pressing charges or reporting people to police. Her attacks are mainly focused on politicians who have revealed how some criminal members of her large family had breached the law.

It also turns out that she launched her anti-police propaganda as early as 2019, using publicly funded high schools. She simply showed up in a number of schools in the notorious Seine-Saint-Denis departement to present her book "Lettre à Adama" (Letter to Adama) written in 2017, describing her family's struggle against police violence.

The French education ministry has failed to take any steps to prevent the spreading of her clearly anti-police propaganda. Eventually, deeming the indoctrination of malleable teenage students in state-run schools with anti-police views, the leaders of the Creteil School District have decided to ban Assa Traore's book launch tour and anti-police campaign, according to French weekly Valeurs actuelles.

Interestingly, however, most of the comments concerning the meetings have been deleted from the social media platforms of "Vérité pour Adama" (Justice for Adama), managed by Assa. It's also ironic that while dozens of movies are being banned because of their alleged racist content, Assa Traore's book - which openly attacks police - can be purchased without a hitch. The volume can be ordered online at prices ranging from 12 to 17 euros, and it is also available on Amazon for 18 dollars. 

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