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Update - Armed men appear at many ethnic Hungarian institutions

Armed and unknown civilians appeared at several Hungarian institutions and private homes in Transcarpathia, Ukraine, in the morning hours on Monday. Ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine have recently received a collective death threat from nationalist activists.

According to Hungarian press reports in Trancarpathia, on Monday morning armed and unknown civilians appeared at the main office of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association in Uzhhorod, at the II Rakoczi Ferenc Transcarpathian Hungarian College in Berehove and at the Uzhhorod home of Laszlo Brenzovics - president of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural  Association (KMKSZ) - as well as at the main office of the charity foundation of a Transcarpathian economic development centre.

Ethnic Hungarians living in Transcarpathia have received nationalist threats in recent days, recalls the podiji.karpat online news portal - published in Hungarian - citing information from the site.

In a video footage (now deleted from the most popular video sharing site), an activist, with the flag of the Ukrainian Right Sector (Правий сектор) in the background, is heard saying: You live on Ukrainian soil and we all know who you are. We know where you work, where you live, and where your children are. The death threat was concluded with a Nazi salute and by a warning: if Hungarians do not give up their aspirations for autonomy, they will come for their children.

According to our Hungarian sources in Transcarpathia, the armed personnel are members of the Ukrainian Security Service, who are carrying out raids in the home of Laszlo Brenzovics and at institutions he may have links with.

The Hungarian politician is accused of treason and aspirations to achieve autonomy for Transcarpathia's Hungarian minority, according to a report published by the news site. The site claims that Ukrainian law enforcement has obtained "indisputable evidence" that Mr Brenzovics is involved in anti-Ukrainian activities "on behalf of Hungary".

The portal, which has been repeatedly accused of anti-Hungarian sentiments, draws on comments added to online news reports to support its allegations.

Organisation of ethnic Hungarians demands explanation from Ukrainian authorities
Ethnic Hungarians' association demands explanation from Ukrainian authorities

Karolina Darcsi, communications secretary of the Transcarpathian Hungarian Cultural Association (KMKSZ),...

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