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Brother of BLM icon in court again

The brother of the French BLM icon, Adama Traore, has been brought to justice again for an assassination attempt against a police officer. At the first trial he was only convicted of intentional crime, however, it now seems that he can expect a more serious sentence.

Bagui Traore, brother of the symbol of the French BLM movement, Adama Traore, is facing court proceedings again. Following his brother's death in 2016, Bagui tried to kill several police officers during the anti-racist riots in Val-d'Oise. Amidst the clashes between protesters and police, 13 officers and gendarmes were injured.

Baguit was brought to trial in 2017 on charges of attempted murder against an officer, but was eventually only convicted of committing an intentional violent crime. The Pontoise City Prosecutor's Office launched an immediate appeal against the ruling in a bid to try Baguit for the assassination attempt. The case has since been referred to thecourt of appeal of Versailles, which will hear the case along with the testimonies of five other suspects.

Bagui, who is fighting racism with questionable means, has already been in jail for drug trafficking offences and various scams to exploit vulnerable people. He is surrently serving time with three of his brothers since 2016. Nevertheless, his family described the recent legal developments as "judicial harassment."

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