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Capital sees protest against LGBT aggression

A protest was staged against the LGBT ideology in Warsaw. Demonstrators protested against the political pressure and the "anti-common sense" cultural struggle of the left-wing minority.

"The aggression of LGBT ideology must be stopped," Krzysztof Bosak, a member of the right-wing Confederation party, said during a demonstration in front of the University of Warsaw on Sunday afternoon.

Mr Bosak said "it is our moral duty to fight the cultural revolution" that the far left wants to carry through. "Let's protect common sense. Don't let the minority force political correctness on us," the politician added. At the nationalist protest signatures against the Istanbul Convention were also collected, in which many see the institutionalisation of gender ideology.

The peculiarity of the demonstration was that a police lock separated the protest against the LGBT ideology from the Antifa and far-left protests across the street, that aimed to prove they are strong and want to fight for their ideology, so they declared "we don't listen to politicians' bans" and announced that they would put a rainbow flag on every national monument and building.

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