Governing coalition majority party support drops below ten per cent

Eight parties and political movements would win seats in parliament, a recent survey found. The former prime minister s party is in the lead in terms of popularity.

POLITICS MAY 20. 2021 15:00

Former Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini s party, Voice-Social Democracy (Hlas-SD), would win a parliamentary election in Slovakia, Slovak news portal reported, citing the results of a recent poll conducted by the agency AKO. The survey, conducted in a sample of 1000 people between 13 and 17 May, found that the ex-PM s party, founded in 2020, would win 22.5 per cent of the votes if elections were to be held now. This would secure 41 seats for the party in the national assembly. 

Freedom and Solidarity (SaS), led by Economy Minister Richard Sulik, is currently the second most popular party, which would garner 13.8 per cent of the votes, winning 25 seats in the Slovak parliament.

The popularity of the Ordinary People and Independent Personalities (OL aNO), the strongest party in the current governing coalition, has dropped to below 10 per cent. The party of Igor Matovic, former prime minister and current finance minister, would have 18 lawmakers in the national legislature.

Slightly behind OL aNO in popularity, Direction – Social Democracy (Smer-SD) would gain 9.6 per cent of the votes, the survey found. This would also mean 18 seats for Robert Fico s party.

Next on the list is the former party of incumbent President Zuzana Caputova, Progressive Slovakia (Progresivne Slovensko) with 8.5 per cent support, which would give them 16 seats.

We are Family (Sme rodina), another governing coalition member, could send 13 MPs to the parliament, 7.4 per cent would vote for Boris Kollar s party.

With 5.3 per cent support, the Alliance party of the ethnic Hungarians would also cross the parliamentary threshold, winning 10 seats. The Christian Democratic Movement (KDH), which is currently not represented in parliament, has the support of exactly 5 per cent, amounting to 9 seats if elections were held.

However, it is interesting that For the People (Za ludi), which is the party of one of the deputy prime ministers and the minister of justice in the current coalition government, has less than 5 per cent support. At the moment, 4 per cent of people would vote for them, according to the survey.

The poll is all the more interesting in light of the fact that Slovakia seems to be facing another government crisis, barely six weeks after the previous one was resolved.

In the V4 country, a demonstration was held in front of the government office on Wednesday afternoon demanding a referendum on early elections, the Slovak news agency TASR reported.



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