Hungarian government declares state of danger due to war

Exercising its right enshrined in the constitution, the government will declare a state of danger due to the war from midnight today, PM Viktor Orban said in a video uploaded to his social media page.

WORLD POLITICS MAY 24. 2022 18:45

Hungary’s government declared a state of danger due to the war. The announcement was made by PM Orban on social media, saying “there is a war going on next door with no end in sight, which is threatening the financial security of families.”

“We can see that the war and the sanctions imposed by Brussels have led to a huge economic upheaval and a drastic rise in prices. The world is on the brink of an economic crisis. Hungary must stay out of this war and protect the financial security of families, which requires room to maneuver and readiness for immediate action. The government exercises its right under the Fundamental Law to declare a state of danger due to the war from midnight tonight,”

Mr Orban said in his video message, adding that similar to the state of emergency imposed during the epidemic, the current measure allows the government to act swiftly. PM Orban will announce the first decisions on Wednesday.



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