Hungarian government takes care of the elderly

Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke about the state benefits available for the elderly on his social media.

ECONOMY OCTOBER 1. 2022 09:50

These are difficult times in Europe, but we must not lose sight of the most important, big national goals. One of these is an appreciation towards Hungarian pensioners, PM Orban said, beginning his video message posted on social media. He recalled that, thanks to the economic performance of recent years, the government had reinstated

“the 13th month bonus pension payments that the leftist governments have taken away from the elderly. I see this as a great achievement and a matter of honour, so all pensioners will receive their 13th month pension next year, just as they did this year.”

However, we are not stopping here: inflation has continued to rise throughout Europe as a result of the sanctions introduced by Brussels, and this is why we are also paying an inflationary pension supplement in Hungary, for the second time this year, which pensioners will receive between 10 and 15 November this year, Mr Orban explained, adding that the Hungarian government will not stop here.

“With the current rate of economic growth, I believe we will be able to give a pension premium to Hungarian pensioners again this year, which we plan to deliver in November,”

Mr Orban said, adding that “despite the difficult times and the crisis, Hungary will give its pensioners what they deserve.”



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