Hungarian Left lies about state of emergency

Hungarian leftist politicians spread untruths yet again about a government party proposal.


If the Hungarian Parliament adopts the proposal, the state of emergency may be declared for a maximum period of 180 days. A look at the regulations governing the extraordinary legal order or its equivalent in other European countries reveals that several countries set a time limit to the introduction and extension of such a state. Given this, and the fact that during a state of emergency measures restricting fundamental rights can be taken – as was the case during the coronavirus pandemic – it is justified for the parliament to establish a time limit for the extension of the period.

This is why the Hungarian ruling party proposed the bill, which allows for the state of emergency to be extended every six months from November, with the provision that the authorisation can be granted multiple times. According to the explanatory notes to the bill, the new constitutional rules allow the government to declare a state of emergency in the event of an armed conflict, war or humanitarian disaster in a neighbouring country, or a serious event threatening the security of life and property, or to deal with the consequences of such an event. The duration of the order until now has been 30 days, which the new bill would change, the Hungarian news outlet Origo writes.

According to the daily, leftist politicians are spreading lies again, as they are claiming the proposal would allow for the state of emergency to last for an unlimited period. The truth is, however, that

the main point of the ruling party’s proposal is indeed to set a time limit of 180 days for the state of emergency, while until now the law contained no such limitations.

Similar time limits exist in the state of emergency extensions applied for example in Italy, Latvia and Finland.



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