Hungary concludes bilateral agreements on international travel

Acting on government authorization, Hungary s foreign minister started a series of bilateral negotiations with other countries for the reciprocal acceptance of each other s vaccination certificates. As a result, Hungarians holding immunity cards can already travel to five countries without any restrictions.

POLITICS MAY 9. 2021 12:47

Following negotiations, bilateral agreements have been reached with Serbia, Bahrain, Montenegro, Slovenia and Croatia on the mutual recognition of vaccination certificates [immunity cards] issued for all types of vaccines used in Hungary, and on the mutual admission of each other s nationals.

Hungarian citizens in possession of the immunity card are free to travel to the above countries, despite the travel restrictions in place to curb the coronavirus epidemic.

Negotiations are under way between Romania and Hungary, Romanian Prime Minister Florin Citu announced on Thursday, during his visit to Constanta.

Previously, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto stressed that unrestricted travel will be permitted for vaccinated persons regardless of vaccine type to countries with which the agreement was sealed.

At the end of April, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also emphasised that the mutual recognition agreements would apply to all vaccines.

“It s become a widespread notion that travel will not be possible for those with the Chinese jab, this is nonsense. I, too, received the Chinese version, and I travel – not because I am afforded the diplomatic opportunity, but because I have a right to [with the immunity card]. So those vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine will also be able to travel freely during the summer,” the Hungarian prime minister emphasized.



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