Hypocritical French MEP in league with far left

Wearing the uniform of the far-left association, the left-wing politician protested against the pension reform by dancing in front of the parliament building. Also, she recently criticised the European Parliament's decision to block transparency reforms in the wake of the corruption scandal in Brussels.


A national demonstration, strike and protest took place on 7 February in France. It was staged by trade unions and opposition politicians to protest the government’s planned pension reform.

Attac France, an organisation spreading far-left views also mobilised its activists, some of whom vandalised the Bourbon palace, which houses the parliament’s lower house, as well as the statue on the square outside.

Feminists staged a spectacular flash mob, dancing in front of the parliament, dressed as Rosie the Riveter, an allegorical US cultural icon. Among the dancing activists was leftist politician and MEP Manon Aubry, who encouraged onlookers to join them.

It is clear that leftist French politician Manon Aubry is in cahoots with the far left, and she does not even try to conceal it. Ms Aubry’s collusion with extremist groups is not unprecedented. As previously reported by our news agency, in October 2019 she advised the anarchist climate group Extinction Rebellion to occupy the area around the European Parliament instead of the city centre in Brussels in order to gain greater publicity for their demands.

However, the French left-wing politician’s video backfired, as Extinction Rebellion did not occupy the area around the EP facilities, but European Parliament President, David Sassoli, summoned to see the French MEP and reprimanded her.

In a recent interview, Manon Aubry shared her opinion about the corruption scandal in Brussels saying that the judiciary is doing its job and the immunity of two MEPs has been suspended but political action is stalled. She noted as regrettable that no progress is being made in implementing transparency reforms.

The left-wing politician relates to corruption in a peculiar fashion. While she is pressing for an independent investigative committee to be set up to investigate in detail the corruption taking place in Brussels, she was one of the MEPs who voted against a motion last December on full transparency requirements for all MEPs.



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