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"I'm gonna blow up the police!"

An immigrant without documents threatened to blow up Barcelona police and kill the officers after they asked him to prove his identity. Illegal migration puts an extremely high pressure on Spain. Only this weekend, the authorities caught 129 illegal immigrants trying to reach the Spanish shores.

A man without documents has been arrested by Barcelona police after he was threatening to commit murder when the officers asked for his papers. At first, he only insulted the officers and indignantly demanded that they identify themselves because he wanted to report them. However, he soon got more aggressive. When he was surrounded by six police, he claimed that he was an artist - the best in his trade. When he saw that the officers were unimpressed, he made threatening moves, as if he had been about to attack.

At that point, another man joined him. Encouraged by that, he started screaming and threatening the officers. "I want to kill you, I'm gonna blow up the police," he said, a statement followed by an endless flow of obscenities. Eventually, both immigrants were detained by the authorities.

In Spain, the number of migrants without documents is steadily increasing. 66 migrants of African descent were gathered around Gibraltar on Friday alone, with 129 illegal immigrants brought ashore over the weekend in 10 different rescue operations carried out by the coast guard.

Meanwhile, the election coalition Forward Andalusia has demanded citizenship and amnesty for all illegal immigrants, so that they could ensure a minimum wage for them. Several demonstrations have already been organised in Andalusia for the cause.

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