Joint border controls to curb illegal migration

In order to stem illegal migration, Slovenia and Italy will jointly patrol and employ drones to protect their common border. This was among the topics discussed in talks between the Italian, Luciana Lamorgese, and the Slovenian, Ales Hojs, interior ministers.

POLITICS JUNE 5. 2021 10:25

Illegal immigrants along the Balkan route enter Slovenia from Croatia, and then continue on to Italy or Austria. In order to protect borders more effectively, the Italian and the Slovenian interior minister have agreed to establish collaborative border security units and to equip them with modern technology. In addition to joint border patrols, operations will also be focused on detecting human smuggling networks.

Ales Hojs emphasized the need to find solutions to the illegal migration issue at the EU level, as well. He emphasised that this topic will be among the top priorities of the Slovenian presidency of the EU, which starts in July.



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