Judiciary not effective enough, French people say

Around 80 per cent of French people is dissatisfied with the way the justice system works. Satisfaction with the police is higher, however, a recent survey shows.

WORLD NOVEMBER 6. 2022 17:20

French see the justice system as inefficient, a survey conducted by the pollster Cluster17 for the French weekly Le Point reveals.

Findings suggest that

79 per cent of respondents consider the performance of the judiciary to be unsatisfactory.

More than nine out of ten right-wing voters, mainly the supporters of Marine Le Pen, Eric Zemmour and Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, expressed dissatisfaction with the system, the survey shows. By contrast, the figure is lowest among Jean-Luc Melenchon’ voters (66 per cent).

The survey also looked at how people see the activity of the police and found that

almost one in two respondents (49 per cent) are satisfied with the performance of the police and the gendarmerie.

47 per cent of respondents expressed their dissatisfaction, the rest did not disclose their opinions.

Interestingly, there is growing dissatisfaction with the police at both ends of the political spectrum. The reasons, however, are quite different: while the left condemns police for using violence, the right denounces it because of its perceived laxity.



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