Left's PM candidate: "Some among us don't want to win"

The leftist alliance's prime ministerial hopeful said at a street forum that there are traitors lurking within the ranks of the opposition, and opined that not everyone wants to win the upcoming parliamentary election.

POLITICS MARCH 15. 2022 12:39

Unity seems to be deficient within the Hungarian opposition whose parties are jointly running for seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections to be held in early April. Responding to a recently leaked popularity survey, Peter Marki-Zay, the prime ministerial candidate of the alliance told Mediaworks News Centre (Hircentrum) that traitors are trying to undermine the opposition’s campaign. “At first, I was frankly scared, but then I realised that this was of course directed against the opposition, otherwise it would not have been published like this,” explained the Left’s prime ministerial hopeful, commenting on the figures, which were devastating for the opposition. Then Mr Marki-Zay went on to say that in his view, one of the opposition parties leaked the results of the poll.

“I have some very serious suspicions. I don’t want to say them publicly, you’ll have to find out. Even some of the opposition, or those considered opposition, don’t want to win,”

Mr Marki-Zay concluded.



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