Media freedom takes hit in Hungary, journalist assaulted at demonstration

The Hungarian National Media Association has also commented on the attack, condemning it.

WORLD OCTOBER 6. 2022 14:28

“Freedom of expression cannot be coupled with violence,” this is the title of a statement issued by the Hungarian National Media Association, in which they spoke out against the atrocity committed against the reporter for the Hungarian TV channel Hir TV. The Hungarian National Media Association condemns the attack on the reporter, who was covering the teachers’ demonstration.

“We call on the left-wing media and MUOSZ [Association of Hungarian Journalists – ed.] to speak out against this unacceptable atrocity. It is unacceptable for anyone in Hungary today to insult journalists practising their profession. We call on the left-wing media and professional organisations to stand up for freedom of the press, not to remain silent about the incident and to condemn what happened,” the Hungarian National Media Association said.

As is known, at Wednesday night’s demonstration, which was supported by the Hungarian Left, the participants did not allow the reporter of the television channel to report, and at one point they even pushed the young journalist off the platform.



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