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Migrants arbitrarily build mosque on private property

Illegal migrants have violated private property at a reception centre, which the authorities have left unsanctioned. The migrants considered the land next to the camp ideal for an arbitrary building which was originally designed to be a school, but was eventually repurposed as a mosque.

Maria Komninaki, the owner of an olive grove was in for a huge surprise when she visited her property next to the infamous Moria immigrant reception centre on Lesbos island. The migrants living in the camp found her land ideal to erect an arbitrary building functioning as a mosque, the Greek Proto Thema portal reports.

Maria said that when she had visited her property in the company of police officers and a representative of the city, they had to cut themselves through a huge amount of trash before reaching the makeshift building which the migrants had put together without any prior notice.

Maria had seen signs that something was happening on her land and reported it to the competent authorities of the city, but they did not take action. She called it inconceivable that no one else had seen the makeshift mosque, especially when the imam sang from there, calling the believers to prayer.

It is just too easy for some to erect such illegal structures, while it is extremely difficult for others to obtain building permits, Maria wrote on social media. It is not negligible either that the illegal immigrants have cut down or burnt hundreds of olive trees on Maria's grove, presumably with the help of various NGOs, according to Proto Thema.

Forrás: Proto Thema
Forrás: Proto Thema

Eventually, the desperate owner consulted a lawyer. Panagiotis Koufelos, the lawyer, told Proto Thema that he inspected the location where the wooden building had been constructed. He also said that they have reported the case to the court and provided information that the immigrants originally wanted to build a school following an NGO's instruction.

It is unclear how the school turned into a mosque in the end. It is also difficult to comprehend how the police guarding the camp failed to notice what was being built near the refugee centre. Legal proceedings have been initiated on grounds that assumedly no supervision was ensured while the migrants were working on the illegal construction.

Illegal immigrants living in the refugee camp have been causing a lot of difficulties for local residents. Immigrants are taking over the whole island and behaving as if it was theirs, and the situation only exacerbated with the coronavirus pandemic.

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