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Migrants set up camp in city centre

Minor migrants have set up a tent camp in the city center in a bid to persuade the government to grant them more support. The immigrants also want to be treated as minors in order to receive better care, even though not all of them are aged under 18. The action was organised by three NGOs, including Doctors Without Borders (MSF) funded by George Soros.

On Monday, 29 June, more than 70 unaccompanied minor migrants set up their tents near Republique Square in central Paris. The stunt was organised by three migrant-rescue groups - Comede, Utopia56 and Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF) - masquerading as civil organisations and all closely affiliated with billionaire speculator George Soros. Their proclaimed goal was to persuade the French government to provide more support and better care for migrants.

Although the protesting migrants are registered as adults, they have appealed to the government asking to be treated as minors until a final decision on their applications is made. As this procedure can take years, migrants have a vested interest in being treated as vulnerable minors in order to receive better treatment than grown-ups.

According to data compiled by the pseudo-civilian organisation Medecins Sans Frontieres, closely linked to Soros, there are currently around 300 young immigrants living in Paris and the capital's suburbs in hotels or on the streets. In April several lawyers and NGOs called the attention of Paris's attorney general to the fact that these unaccompanied minor immigrants were exposed to serious risk, because they had no proper shelter.

MSF coordinator Caroline Douay believes that the municipalities in and around Paris, and the neighbouring Ile de France region, should be responsible for providing adequate accommodation for minor immigrants, who can only rely on help from refugee support organisations if they find themselves in need of shelter, food or healthcare.

At the end of May, a camp of sixty tents was set up overnight in Villette Park with the help of the NGO called Utopia56. However, numerous locals protested against the camp, so it was demolished the next day and its inhabitants, around 80 people including women and children, were bussed to a migrant reception centre.

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