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Muslim crowd beats and burns man for alleged Quran desecration

A man with mental health problems allegedly desecrated the Muslim holy book, therefore a Muslim crowd beat him to death and burnt his body.

Hundreds of Bangladeshi residents gathered to kill a man who allegedly stepped on the Quran in a local mosque.

The man and his companion wanted to enter the mosque to check if their information was correct and weapons were stored inside the building. As they were searching on a shelf where the Quran and the Hadith were kept, the imam found their technique disrespectful to the holy books, so he reported and locked them up in the room and also informed the local community about the desecration.

Hundreds of people then rushed to the scene and took away one of the men to a nearby area, where they beat him and set his body on fire. Police did not find any weapons at the mosque, while the second man was taken into protective custody.

According to Al Jazeera, rumours frequently lead to violent incidents in Bangladesh, as in 2019, more than 50 people were killed in mob beatings.

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