Next level censorship: offensive site can, Trump can't be on social media

Next level censorship: offensive site can, Trump can't be on social media

The Ukrainian Nazi site, which published a death list and displayed images of dead Russian soldiers can have accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, while people like Donald Trump, whose only "sin" was to lead the Republican campaign, are being blocked.

WORLD MAY 17. 2022 12:10

The leftist liberal mainstream has brought censorship to a shocking new level: the media site dubbed Myrotvorets, which has compiled a death list of journalists, politicians and civilians, may be present on the biggest social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For years, the radical Nazi site has enjoyed full impunity in publishing the personal details and photos of both Ukrainian and foreign individuals – including a 14-year old girl – whom the authorities consider to be Ukraine’s enemies. According to ombudsman reports, the site has also abused the personal details of other minors, exposing them to mortal danger. Those behind Myrotvorets went even further when they displayed the bodies of Russian soldiers on their home page. The launch and operation of the portal inciting for murder is directly linked to Ukraine’s interior ministry and the government, including President Volodymyr Zelensky, who had stressed that he was unable to shut down the site because it complies with the rules, V4NA wrote. So, here is the website’s “compliant” home page:

The editors of the Ukrainian site can freely pursue their activities on social media, sharing their radical posts, while all this appears to be perfectly fine with Facebook’s operators.

Neither have Instagram’s operators found it alarming that Ukrainian Nazis are involved in desecrating the dead, or that the website in question has published a death list with the personal details of reporters form news agencies such as AFP, Al Jazeera, Le Monde, the BBC, Reuters and Forbes. According to Russian authorities, those uploading the unlawfully obtained data carry out their activities with the approval and consent of Ukrainian authorities.

Myrotvorets is also actively spreading its radical views on Twitter, and the social media platform appears to be totally unconcerned about this. It is true though that the authors of death lists registered their Twitter account under the name “Peacemaker”.


In the meantime, Twitter is banning accounts of people like Donald Trump. Platform operators suspended the account of the former United States President in early 2021, thus blocking an extremely important communication channel for Republican politicians, with more than 88 million people following Mr Trump’s tweets. Today these tweets are not accessible. Mr Trump responded furiously to the suspension of his account, saying that Twitter agents had colluded with the Democrats and the radical left to remove his account to silence him. Prior to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram had also suspended Donald Trump’s account.



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