PM Orban: Brussels is not our boss

We are an independent, sovereign nation, Hungary's prime minister pointed out on his social media site.

POLITICS AUGUST 2. 2022 10:48

The European Union is not in Brussels. The European Union is in Vienna, in Budapest, in Warsaw, in Berlin and in Madrid, Viktor Orban began his post shared on social media. This is a very important issue, according to the Hungarian premier.

“I don’t want to put one over on other Europeans, but I want to add our views to the common European decision. For that reason, we take part in all decision-making and we always voice our opinion. If a position is reached which we don’t agree with, we indicate it. Brussels is no boss to us. We are an independent, sovereign Hungarian nation,”

Viktor Orban wrote, adding that “We take part in joint decisions. If they are not good for us, we say so. If they are not good and we can prevent it, the joint decision is not reached,” Viktor Orban concluded his post.




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