PM Orban: Hungary's security comes first

On Tuesday morning, Hungary's prime minister addressed a conference of Hungary's ambassadors in Budapest regarding their tasks in the near future.

POLITICS MARCH 1. 2022 13:29

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban first held a meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto and the ministry’s state secretaries before addressing the ambassadors on the unfolding crisis situation due to the Ukraine-Russia war. He stressed that the most important task for everyone, including members of Hungary’s diplomatic corps, was to prevent Hungary from being dragged into the war. PM Orban underlined that Hungary’s security came first, adding that although Hungary is participating in every joint European peacemaking effort, the country will not send troops or weapons to Ukraine as that would endanger Hungarian people’s lives, State Secretary for International Relations Zoltan Kovacs wrote on Twitter.

The current situation calls for calm and responsible decisions, PM Orban said in an earlier interview on Sunday. Hungary’s premier also underlined that they are devoting every single hour to finding the decisions that serve the interests of Hungary and the Hungarian people most effectively.



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