PM Orban: Instead of political adventurism, we need responsible politics, security and stability

In the current war situation, we must not allow aspects of the Hungarian election campaign to take precedence over national interests, the Hungarian prime minister wrote on social media.

POLITICS MARCH 8. 2022 11:09

“International politics is a difficult business,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban began his post on social media in connection with the war situation in Ukraine.

“I’ve been in this profession for more than thirty years. This is the third war in our vicinity during my governance. In 1999, a day after we joined NATO, the Alliance intervened in the war in Kosovo. 2014 saw the Crimean crisis and now I’m faced with a second Ukraine-Russia war. The advantage of government experience is that I know what strategic peace of mind is: talk little, and choose your words accurately and responsibly,”

the premier wrote, noting that the Hungarian electoral campaign must not take precedence over national interests, because “even one misspoken sentence can cause trouble. In war, words are halfway towards deeds.” He added,

“The opposition wants to send weapons to be used against the Russians or soldiers to fight against them. It clearly proves that they have no experience, no knowledge, and lack responsibility. They only add fuel to the fire with their irresponsible statements, which go against Hungary’s interests.”

“Instead of political adventurism, we need responsible politics, security and stability,” Mr Orban stressed, concluding his message.



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