PM Orban: It's good to live and work in Hungary

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban delivered a speech at the opening event of the 15th skilled labour festival in Budapest on Monday. On Tuesday he shared a video on the topic, saying it is good to live and it's good to work in Hungary.

WORLD APRIL 27. 2022 10:32

Work and skilled labour have a future in Hungary, and those with knowledge, skills and “the courage to use them” will have nothing to fear in harder times, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in his opening address at the 15th Szakma Sztar festival in Budapest on Monday. The Hungarian premier posted a short video on the topic on Tuesday, in which he pointed out that it is good and worth living and working in Hungary.

„The place where we live, our homeland, is one of the best places in Europe,” he said.

He recalled that that new factories, sites and production centres had been built recently in the country and they were all counting on young people’s work. PM Orban also talked about tax relief for young people starting their careers and for companies employing them, as well as support of starting of families and creating homes.

Those who want to make a work-based living in Hungary today will have jobs and homes, and they will be able to raise their children in a safe environment in the most beautiful country in the world, the PM pointed out. He said to young Hungarians: „You won’t get a better offer from any other country – and those are not even your homeland.”



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