PM Orban: There are enough vaccines for everyone

More than one million people have received their shots in the past two weeks, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said, calling it a "fantastic achievement".

POLITICS MAY 1. 2021 14:06

On Friday, Hungary s prime minister announced that the target of inoculating four million Hungarians had been reached and, speaking about the upcoming phase on Saturday, he said the next goal was to have five million citizens inoculated.

In a video published after talks with Interior Minister Sandor Pinter and Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, PM Orban said that the country “had enough vaccines” for everyone, adding that “success depends on whether people register for vaccination”. 

“The shots save lives. Do not listen to anti-vaxxer voices,” he emphasized, adding that “we should reach the five million mark as soon as possible”. 

After a lengthy period of restrictive measures, Hungary will see a significant easing of restrictions taking effect on Saturday: the night curfew will be pushed back to midnight; and shops and catering establishments will be allowed to stay open until 11 pm.

Hotels, the indoor section of restaurants, museums, cinemas and theatres, among other venues, will be open for those who hold valid vaccination certificates.



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