PM Orban: Uzbekistan is our strategic partner in the Central Asian region

In Samarkand, Prime Minister Viktor Orban had talks with Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev about economic and energy cooperation, as well as about the tightening of cultural and educational relations, his press chief informed Hungary's news agency (MTI) on Thursday.

POLITICS NOVEMBER 10. 2022 13:05

Hungarian businessmen and companies are welcome In Uzbekistan, and they are given every assistance to make their investments successful, President Savkat Mirziyoyev said.

PM Orban highlighted that in the present war- and sanctions-induced crisis, the whole of Europe, with Hungary in it, is struggling in order to not lose its economic momentum. In this situation, however, rather than slowing down the intensity of our cooperation with Uzbekistan, a strategic partner in the region, we are seeking to increase it, he pointed out. We are strengthening the common projects launched in the areas of nuclear energy, chemical industry, the financial sector and telecommunications, Mr Orban added.

As the energy crisis will stay with us for a long time all across the world, we are making efforts to seek joint gas extraction projects with Uzbekistan, Hungary’s prime minister said. Viktor Orban also announced that the number of Hungarian scholarship grants provided for Uzbek students in Hungary would be raised from 120 to 170 annually, Mr Orban’s press chief said, reporting on the progress of the talks.



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