PM Orban: We support financial aid to Ukraine, but say no to debt community

The Hungarian government has already earmarked the funds in the national budget to support Ukraine, but Hungary will not back any solution that would take the European Union further towards a debt community, the Hungarian prime minister said.

POLITICS NOVEMBER 25. 2022 15:53

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban spoke about providing financial assistance to Ukraine at a press conference at the V4 Summit and shared the video on his social media page.

“As far as financial support for Ukraine is concerned, I would like be clear. First of all, Hungary has made its position known to the European Commission in plenty of time. We have said in advance that we support financial assistance to Ukraine, and we think it is right and necessary. We have also indicated that Hungary will bear its share of the financial burden. We are talking about 18 billion euros for next year. The Hungarian government has already earmarked Hungary’s contribution in the budget, and we will give this money to Ukraine. We have already authorised the foreign minister to negotiate this”, Mr Orban said, stressing that

“We will not support any solution that takes the European Union further towards a debt community. We shoulder our share, but we don’t want to do it through the EU, because we don’t think it’s a good direction for the bloc to amass ever greater debts for itself and its member states for the future. This is a wrong path, and we will never support it, regardless of whether it is about Ukraine or any other financial issue.”



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