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President who met leading French politicians has coronavirus

French Polynesian president Edouard Fritch has tested positive for coronavirus. The politician visited Paris a few days ago, where he met with the head of state, the prime minister and the interior minister.

French Polynesian President Edouard Fritch has contracted the novel coronavirus, according to the French daily Le Monde. The politician tested positive two days after he returned to Tahiti from his official visit to Paris. The president's press office issued a statement, saying that Mr Fritch had a fever and joint pain on Saturday night, so he was administered a coronavirus test which came back positive. According to the statement, he was also tested during his stay in Paris, which came back negative, suggesting that the president caught the virus after his visit.

During his trip to France, Edouard Fritch also met with President Emmanuel Macron, Prime Minister Jean Castex and Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin.

The president of French Polynesia is in a satisfactory condition and he has been placed in a seven-day quarantine. Members of his delegation have also been tested, but the results were all negative. However, several members of the country's government have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the past few days. Since the country opened its borders on 15 July, health authorities have detected 2,692 new cases in a total population of 277 thousand, and 10 people have died from the virus.

According to the French president's office, Emmanuel Macron and Edouard Fritch did not make physical contact with each other during their meeting. They both wore masks and observed the necessary social distancing rules.

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