Protesters booed British ambassador in Moscow

The British ambassador was summoned by the Russian Foreign Ministry after Moscow claimed that the UK was involved in the Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol.


Moscow says Ukraine and the UK are behind Saturday’s drone attack on the Russian Black Sea fleet in Crimea.

“British experts stationed in the town of Ochakov in the Ukrainian province of Mikolayiv prepared this terrorist act and trained the Ukrainian soldiers conducting special naval operations,” the Russian Defence Ministry said on its Telegram channel after the attack on Saturday.

The Russians say that

the drone-targeted vessels also participate in the protection of convoys exporting grain.

On arrival at the Russian Foreign Ministry, British Ambassador Deborah Bronnert was booed by protesters, as a video posted by the RIA Novosti news agency on its Telegram channel shows.

The protesters were students chanting “Britain is a terrorist country,” the report reads.

Moscow has also accused British naval unit personnel of blowing up the Nord Stream gas pipelines.



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