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Influencing the vulnerable by indoctrinating adults

Social workers are taught that BLM violence is applaudable because it serves a noble cause. Teachers are advised not to tell parents if their child wants a gender change. In both cases, leftist ideologies are communicated through helping professions to groups who may be easily influenced.

A shocking video, made available online as part of an education course for social workers was brought to the attention of Rebel News by a horrified citizen after she heard the contents at a training.

The online education course was offered by the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare and the topic was domestic violence. This centre represents more than a hundred organisations and provides courses for social workers, psychologists and youth workers in the state of Victoria, Australia.

The video shows former social worker Kerry Arabena sharing her thoughts. She claims violence is an important part of the present age. Arabena admits that although this might sound strange to say, the violence of the Black Lives Matter movement had triggered an incredible response the world over and initiated crucial dialogue.

The social worker submitting the video and wanting to maintain her anonymity, was completely shocked when she heard this. She explains that this means that violence is bad, but in some cases it is forgivable. That is, violence seems to be acceptable if it is performed in attaining particular goals.

Many people point out that a dangerous precedent can be set if a former social worker imparts knowledge like this on her peers. Social workers often work with groups that are especially vulnerable to influence and indoctrinate with just about any ideology.

The same trend can be seen in the education of children as well. In a neighbouring state, a politician recently drew attention to a dangerous phenomenon. In New South Wales, Mark Latham slammed the Teachers Federation for urging teachers not to inform parents should their child decide to change gender.

The New South Wales leader of the One Nation right-wing national party says that the federation tells its members it could jeopardise children to inform their parents about the gender change. Teachers could put children in an unsafe situation and kids could even be put out on the streets by their families.

Latham described the Teachers Federation as "mongrel bastards" for turning the power of teachers against parents to keep them in the dark about important issues concerning their own children. Parents no longer have any rights in schools, the politician pointed out in a post.

Mark Latham recently submitted a bill to the New South Wales parliament that would strengthen the primacy of parental rights and ban radical gender ideology in classrooms. Introducing the bill in parliament, the politician said that parliament should legislate to defend the family unit and the scientifically proven biological basis of gender.

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