US prepares for war, again

As the United States may be involved in a war with China by 2025, a strengthened and integrated joint US-Taiwanese maneuver team should be established to effectively prepare for the upcoming battle, according to an Air Force general.

WORLD FEBRUARY 1. 2023 06:33

The four-star Air Force general recently predicted in a memo to his officers that the United States could go to war with China by 2025 and advised his commanders to prepare for that eventuality. In a memo to all air commanders and other Air Force operational commanders, General Mike Minihan, head of the Air Mobility Command (AMC), wrote:

„I hope I’m wrong. My intuition tells me that we will fight in 2025.”

Minihan believes there is a very high probability of a war with China in the next two years due to the upcoming 2024 US and Taiwanese elections, which the general says will distract Washington and Taipei from China and allow it to make moves to seize Taiwan.

According to the general, a strengthened, integrated, agile and combat-ready joint US-Taiwan maneuver team should be established to effectively prepare for the upcoming battles.

Minihan therefore instructed Air Force commanders to devise a plan containing the necessary steps in this regard by the end of February. The general added that all personnel must have up-to-date records and emergency contact information.

On Friday, an AMC spokesperson confirmed in a statement that the memo was genuine, although a defence official told Fox News after the memo was released that Minihan’s comments did not represent the department’s position on China.

High-ranking US defence officials have repeatedly warned that China’s long-term goal is to reunify Taiwan with the mainland, and Beijing has accordingly stepped up its aggressive behavior in the region in recent years.

When Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin was asked in early January whether a Chinese invasion of Taiwan was imminent, he said that what we are seeing recently is very provocative behavior by Chinese forces, but he personally doubts that an invasion is imminent. Compared to these comments, the above-mentioned document reveals completely different information from what the Ministry of Defense communicates.

General Mike Minihan is not the only one who has envisioned going to war with China in the last year or two. In March 2021, Admiral Philip Davidson, then head of the US Pacific Command, told a Senate committee hearing that „Taiwan is clearly part of China’s ambitions”. As he opined, the threat will take a concrete form in this decade, and in fact, it could happen already in the next six years.



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