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Warsaw runs ideological human experiments

Warsaw residents were shocked to learn from a recent report that NGOs backing the LGBT+ movement have distributed and tested illegal drugs on people during their demonstrations. The fact that this ideological project was supported by the Warsaw City Council led by Rafal Trzaskowski is even more astonishing.

Citing financial negligence, Deputy Justice Minister Sebastian Kaleta has referred the case of NGOs receiving support from Mayor Rafal Trzaskowski's Warsaw to the State Audit Office, saying documents seem to corroborate certain fiscal offences.

According to Kaleta's report, the Warsaw City Council has transferred more than 1 million euros to a total of 11 NGOs, which the NGOs have decided to spend on their own "ideological experiments". These experiments "go far beyond the scope of activities that could be financed by the capital," Kaleta stressed.

One organisation, for instance, has tested a number of drugs in Warsaw's clubs, and the projects's participants had to guess whether the illegal substance they tasted, such as cocaine or methamphetamine, was "pure" enough. The deputy minister noted that the project's organisers have even published their testing videos, adding that the violations are also confirmed by the project documents.

The videos show participants actively promoting the psychoactive substances and trying to portray them as "something cool and desirable", without "mentioning their risks."

Having examined the documents that reveal the financial irregularities, Jerzy Kwasniewski, the head of the Ordo Iuris legal research institute, said the breach was entirely the capital's responsibility, because NGOs have neither administered their fiscal activities, nor compiled any financial reports. All this should have been monitored by the capital, he added. Kwasniewski says there were some fundamental problems around the tenders and the administration of how the grants were used. The documents made no mention of the purpose of the activities, there were unjustified wire transfers and double invoicing of administrative costs, as well as rental payments without any formal contracts or documents.

According to Kaleta, ideological experiments are taking place in the capital, without anyone informing residents about their potential dangers and health risks. Moreover, they are manipulating people's subconscious and suggest that their activities have no harmful effects whatsoever. "The point is that the capital has approved these expenditures and allowed for the programs to be implemented this way," Kaleta said.

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