Anti-Semitic candidate’s position on Left’s list may well earn him a seat, US Jewish news outlet writes

The Jewish Voice, a US-based Jewish news portal, has published a piece on the Hungarian Jobbik party's vice president, known for performing Nazi salutes and anti-Semitic statements. Daniel Z. Karpat appears in 10th place on the Hungarian left wing's list, the portal points out.

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The Jewish Voice, an American news outlet, has devoted a full article to the anti-Semitism of the Hungarian Jobbik party and its deputy Daniel Z. Karpat, now No. 10 on the list of leftist prime ministerial candidate Peter Marki-Zay. So long as Jobbik has in its ranks politicians like Mr Z. Karpat, anti-Semitic sentiments are clearly prevalent, they write. The author also shared a video which shows Jobbik’s politician performing a Nazi salute and then bursting out in laughter.

After reviewing the article, the Hungarian news portal underlined that Jobbik has a “neo-Nazi” problem. They mentioned as an example the anti-Roma para-military group called Magyar Garda (aka the Hungarian Guards, founded by Jobbik), which was banned by a court ruling in the summer of 2009. The article also underlines that although Jobbik attempted to whitewash its image and moderate its policies during the previous election cycles, as long as deputies like Daniel Z. Karpat – who perform neo-Nazi salutes and utter anti-Semitic remarks – remain among its ranks, Jobbik and its entrenched far-right ideology will continue to coexist.

According to, this final thought may refer to an event where Jobbik’s vice president was talking about how Jews are buying up all of Hungary. At the time, Jobbik’s VP said, “With whom did Viktor Orban and his team on government with a two-thirds majority sign an association agreement? Well, with Israel. So now, at a time when we’re talking about Hungary being bought up, we can see that a factual, transparent system has emerged where this can become a reality, something that’s understandable even to those who have been skeptical and considered it a conspiracy theory.”

The Jewish Voice also points out that, in case of a potential opposition victory, Mr Z. Karpat would stand a fair chance to even become a minister.