Hungary may launch national consultation on sanctions

The parliamentary groups of Hungary’s ruling parties have asked the government to launch a national consultation regarding the issue of energy sanctions, the faction leaders said.

English NAGYVILÁG 2022. SZEPTEMBER 22. 16:58

The parliamentary groups of Hungary’s ruling parties held a regular meeting to discuss the most important issues. It comes as little surprise that these issues are now connected to the sanctions, Mate Kocsis told a press briefing during an external session of the parliamentary groups of Hungary’s governing parties. The group leader of Hungary’s larger ruling party, Fidesz, stressed that when the sanctions were introduced, this is not what Brussels had promised, reads a piece published by the daily Magyar Nemzet newspaper.

Mr Kocsis emphasized that Russia became much richer, while Europe became poorer, adding that Russia has achieved 158 billion euros in revenues, of which 85 billion was paid by EU taxpayers.

The sanctions imposed by Brussels are causing damage to Europe’s economies and households alike. The increased energy prices lead to economic decline, so during our autumn session we must work on having the sanctions abolished,

the group leader said, underlining that the two parliamentary factions had asked the government to launch a national consultation regarding the question of energy sanctions.

It’s not okay that deciding on the sanctions was solely the prerogative of the Brussels elite. Asking people will be all the more important, because the longer this debate drags on, the bigger the damages will be,

Mate Kocsis said.

Istvan Simicsko, the group leader of Hungary’s smaller governing Christian Democratic Party (KDNP) stressed that the basic problems have been caused by the war and the ill-advised responses provided by Brussels.

Each time we need to decide on crucial issues affecting our national destiny, we ask the people,

KDNP’s group leader has said.

Responding to a question by the Hungarian portal, Mr Kocsis said he was expecting great interest and many citizens to fill out the national consultation questionnaire. Istvan Simicsko said he believed Hungary could set a good example with its national consultation to other countries as well.



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