Hungary PM condemns Bucha massacre

Naturally, Prime Minister Viktor Orban condemns the mass killings in Bucha, and Hungary will fully support the international investigation aimed at identifying the perpetrators of this massacre, Mr Orban's press chief told Hungary's state news agency (MTI) on Saturday.

NAGYVILÁG English 2022. ÁPRILIS 9. 14:04

Relaying the Hungarian prime minister’s position, his press chief recalled that Mr Orban was crystal clear during Wednesday’s international press briefing, when he said: this is a war that was launched by the Russians. They attacked Ukraine, which is aggression.

“This is the European Union’s joint viewpoint, and Hungary also shares this view. In terms of all the atrocities, I believe every one of them must be investigated. (…) whatever it takes, civilians must be protected by any means. Any abuse against civilians must be condemned in the harshest of terms, and atrocities like this must be investigated. We want an independent, impartial inquiry,” Hungarian PM Orban was quoted by his press chief as saying.