Parent board to be banned for not supporting critical race theory

As the board of a Virginia school parent association contained members opposed to critical race theory, another group called for its dissolution.

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The Virginia Parent Teacher Association (PTA) sent a letter of intent to disband the parent association in one of the top secondary schools in the US, because some of its members were against the teaching of critical race theory.

In the letter to the Parent, Teacher and Student Association of the Thomas Jefferson High School of Science and Technology, they claim that the recently elected members have created a hostile environment. Proponents of critical race theory in the elite grammar school managed to cancel some entrance exams last year in order to boost the enrollment of black and Spanish-speaking students at the institution.

Harry Jackson, who was elected president of the association during the last vote, called the move by the Virginia PTA dictatorial.

„This is how they welcome this new diverse class, by taking away their support. This is the most diverse class in history, and Virginia PTA takes out their support structures, the president of the school’s parent-teacher-student community group has said.

A coalition of parents in support of critical race theory lobbied for principal Ann Bonitatibus – who backed the school’s previous efforts for equity – to give him voting rights in the parent association, securing the ideologically driven coalition one additional vote. Previously, the principal abstained from voting, saying he trusted parents’ decisions.

The parental group against the ideology sued the Farifax County School Board in March, claiming that the new admissions process is discriminatory and deliberately reduces Asian enrollment in the institution. The resulting demographic composition of the new incoming class supports the group’s claim, as 16 per cent fewer Asians were admitted to the institution, compared to last year.

”Lots of gifted Asian students did not get in because they had limited opportunity. I find it wrong to limit a child’s opportunity based on ethnicity,„ President Harry Jackson said.

”The actions by the Virginia PTA are an aggressive abuse of power to control the mostly immigrant, mostly minority parents at America’s number one high school … and hijack the school, while it sits in the middle of a national debate over how we protect merit in America,„ commented Asian author Asra Nomani on the matter.




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