Politician could face investigation for paedophile murder case

Police arrested a man, reportedly a former politician of an opposition party, on the well-grounded suspicion of child pornography and other crimes. A DNA sample was also taken from the man in connection with a child murder that was committed a few years ago.

English NAGYVILÁG 2021. AUGUSZTUS 4. 10:52

A man was arrested in the town of Gyula, south-eastern Hungary, on suspicion of child pornography. Police did not provide further details, but according to information obtained by the local news outlet Beol, the man arrested is Laszlo Horvath, a former politician of the opposition Jobbik party, who was also the party’s candidate in the last municipal election.

According to the Bennfentes investigative news portal, investigation found that the former right-wing politician of Jobbik could be linked to another case, the brutal murder of a child years ago.

In 1998, Nikolett Szathmary did not come home from her folk dance class. She was last seen by a local paediatrician, who accompanied her to the shop and from there she went home alone. She was murdered at the age of seven by an as yet unknown person. Her remains were found by reed cutters in a bag on a canal bank. Her killer has remained at large ever since. The Bennfentes has now learned that a DNA sample was also collected from the recently arrested Laszlo Horvath in Nikolett Szathmary’s case.

The Jobbik party responded to the Origo news portal’s inquiry by saying that Horvath was “a member of our local organisation in Gyula for less than a year and a half, and in the spring of 2021 he left Jobbik without giving any reason.” However, the party’s press department did not comment on Origo’s other question regarding the suspicion of a criminal act.



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