Snickers is accused of homophobia

A boycott of the chocolate brand has been launched by some, who feel a Snickers ice cream bar ad uses a homophobic message to promote the product. Now the commercial is only accessible through social shares.

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A Snickers ice cream bar advertisement sparked controversy in Spain. The 20-second commercial opens with Spanish influencer Aless Gibaja sitting with his friend at a beach bar. The former orders a “sexy orange juice” with vitamins A, B, and C. His friend stares at him in bewilderment. When the waiter brings him a Snickers ice cream, Gibaja takes a bite and immediately transforms into a “heteronormative” bearded man. Witnessing the transformation, his companion asks him “Better?” and Aless Gibaja, with his new masculine look, reassures him with the answer, “Better.” “You are not yourself when you are hungry,” the tagline reads.

The commercial unleashed a wave of outrage among LGBTQ advocate organisations and government officials. “Who would think using homophobia as a business strategy is a good idea?” Equality Minister Irene Montero asked on Twitter.

The ad has been taken off the air and the company posted a public apology on its Instagram page. Meanwhile, a campaign has been launched to boycott the product.


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