Brussels abuses its power

Brussels is abusing its power by making all kinds of threats and engaging in political blackmail, Balazs Hidveghi, a MEP of senior ruling party Fidesz, told Hungarian public radio on Sunday regarding the possible deferral of EU funds payable to Hungary.

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Brussels cannot do that, the MEP added. These sources are not charity or aid, but funds to which Hungary is entitled. Brussels has no right to withhold them, which means that this is simply part of a scheme to politically blackmail Hungary and make threats against the country.

The Hungarian government regularly probes public opinion in the form of a questionnaire called National Consultation. Regarding the latest consultation currently under way, Mr Hidveghi said that Brussels is particularly interested in the opinion of Hungarian society, and it pays special attention to the National Consultation too, which is a highly successful tool. “I would very much like to ask all Hungarian citizens to voice their opinions, this will greatly help our work in Brussels,” the Fidesz MEP added.

Talking about the issue that the European Commission has referred Hungary to the European Court of Justice for regulating migration, Mr Hidveghi said it was because Hungary will not allow illegal migrants into its territory; they can only apply for asylum at the country’s foreign missions. It is necessary because migratory pressures are on the rise, and migrants who have entered the EU cannot be removed, which allows them to commit “horrific crimes” in several countries.

However, Hungary has a strong policy on migration. “We are determined to stand up for the interests of the Hungarians, we are determined to defend our country,” the MEP said.

Regarding the reporter’s suggestion about the “LGBTQ expansion” of Brussels, Balazs Hidveghi explained that this is a diversionary operation on the part of the European Commission.

“Their problem with the act is that we are unwilling to allow LGBTQ activists into our kindergartens and schools. We will not accept exposing small children to sexual propaganda against the will of their parents. This cannot happen in Hungary,” the politician said.

It was high time to take that step because the pressure of LGBTQ organisations has increased dramatically recently. Adults can live their lives the way they want, this regulation is not about them, but about the children, Balazs Hidveghi remarked.

We need all our strength to withstand this pressure. A coordinated action against Hungary has been launched, which went beyond all previous attacks, the Fidesz MEP said.



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