PM Orban: Return of Left's failed PM is what's at stake at the election

The Hungarian prime minister delivered a speech at a closed meeting of Hungary's ruling parties parliamentary group (Fidesz-KDNP). Mr Orban, also the president of Fidesz, summarised the results of recent months, and emphasized the importance of the child protection referendum, a Hungarian portal writes. In his view, giving in to pressure from Brussels will open the way for sexual propaganda targeting children. In closing, the party president called his representatives into battle. He made very clear that the risk of left-wing ex-Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany returning rides on the election.

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Stakes of the election are high with the risk of a Gyurcsany comeback; on 3 April, the Gyurcsany era wants to return. Everyone has to fight so that the Left does not come to power again, Viktor Orban emphasized in his speech at the closed parliamentary group meeting in Balatonfured, Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet writes.

The Fidesz president underlined that Gyurcsany is the boss on the left with the strongest opposition party, and that their candidate also represents the fallen politics of the Gyurcsany era. (Ferenc Gyurcsany was the socialist prime minister of Hungary between 2004 and 2009, when he resigned in the middle of a government crisis ed.)

The portal writes that the elevated feisty spirit palpable at PM Orban’s recent State of the Union address reached new heights here during this speech, with the party president’s dynamism spreading to all members of the audience. The great impetus is no accident: according to the prime minister,

Hungary’s fate is at stake.

The ruling party president reiterated the results he announced last weekend, then went on to talk about the Child Protection Law. According to Magyar Nemzet, PM Orban has a steadfast opinion on the issue, saying

attacks on Hungary and Poland levelled up when these two countries took action against the LGBTQ lobby.

The Fidesz president said that today a child protection act is in force in the country to protect Hungarian children and families, and to ban sexual propaganda from kindergartens and schools. Mr Orban reiterated that no one can interfere in the sexual education of children; this is the exclusive right of parents in Hungary. This important law has been challenged by the European Commission in Brussels, they have launched infringement proceedings against Hungary, because they want this law to be repealed by the Parliament immediately.

According to the premier, the pressure is enormous, which is why Brussels is threatening on a daily basis to withdraw funds and impose penalties.

He stressed that if Hungary gives in to this pressure, LGBTQ activists and sexual propaganda will be free to target children. Mr Orban recalled that seven years ago, amidst the migration crisis, Hungary was the only country to find a solution to the problem by building a fence. As he put it, when the time had come, the country went ahead and defended the borders. According to the PM, it is now time to move forward again and protect Hungarian children.

He expects that after the referendum and the election, Brussels will be forced to give way, just as it had to do on the issue of migration, because the will of the Hungarian people was clear.

Concluding his speech, Mr Orban called on MPs to work and stressed that sloppiness and carelessness will not be tolerated. In his view

the Fidesz-KDNP is the frontrunner, but this chance must be seized and the job must be completed at 110 per cent.




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