PM Orban: Weak nations are not granted peace, they are only pardoned

We have to talk about “serious things”, war and peace, “the salvation of our homeland and some threatening dangers,” Hungary's prime minister wrote in a short Facebook post published Tuesday morning.

POLITIKA English 2022. MÁRCIUS 22. 11:51

Ever since the existence of Hungary’s collective national memory, “Hungarians under the Carpathians have always wanted the same thing: let there be peace, liberty, and concord,” PM Orban writes, adding that all this cannot remain a mere wish, because then it flies away. “Peace, liberty and concord require the same thing: strength,” Mr Orban writes.

Weak nations are not granted peace, they are only pardoned, he writes.

A weak nation cannot achieve any type of concord. Peace, liberty and concord are features of strong nations, Hungary’s prime minister continues, referring to Hungary’s stance regarding the war in the neighbouring Ukraine.

“We want a strong country, but it always has to revolve around its own axis, not giving in to the attraction of other planets, not allowing foreign nations to set its trajectory,” PM Orban emphasizes, reiterating that this requires “commanding authority.”

“We’ve been building this type of strong Hungary, year after year, for twelve years now. This is why we support families and this is why we have created one million new jobs. This is why we levied additional taxes on multinational companies, reduced utility bills and sent the IMF home. We allowed neither floods, nor migration or pandemics to distract us, and we do not want the war or the Left to distract us on 3 April,” Hungary’s PM concludes his brief Facebook post.