PM Orban: What the Left wants would drive Hungary into war

The Left is on the side of war – even if it is not aware of it – Prime Minister Viktor Orban reiterated on his Facebook page the views he expressed on Hungarian public radio Friday morning.

POLITIKA English 2022. MÁRCIUS 5. 15:20

Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban said in an interview with public radio (MR1) on Friday morning that what the Hungarian Left says and wants “would drive us into war.” He reiterates the same views in his Facebook post. “Sending troops to Ukraine means being part of the war. To send arms means that those who we are supplying to may be happy, but those against whom those arms are used will be our enemy for God knows how long,” the premier explains, adding, “Delivering arms through Hungary to Transcarpathia would turn a convoy passing through Transcarpathia – a place where there is no war for the time being – into a military target, meaning that we brought the war there, that we provoked it there.”

“We must be sensible, we cannot say confusing nonsense, we cannot make jumbled proposals,” Mr Orban said, adding,”We cannot do our Western friends a favour by making particular statements. This is not the time for that. Now is the time for standing up for Hungary’s interests.”

“Now we have to look at this conflict not through American eyes, not through French eyes, not through German eyes, but through Hungarian eyes. And from a Hungarian point of view, the most important thing in this conflict is the peace and security of Hungarians. In order to achieve that we must stay out of the war, and therefore we must be able to resist the proposals of the Left that would draw us into this war. We must not listen to them, or we must strongly disagree,” Mr Orban concludes his post.