President sets date of new prime ministerial appointment

The decision was announced by the prime ministerial candidate, who has already named the ministers in his cabinet.

English POLITIKA 2021. NOVEMBER 18. 14:38

President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman is set to swear in Petr Fiala as the new prime minister next Friday, on 26 November, the Czech portal reported. Mr Fiala announced the decision on Wednesday after visiting the head of state in hospital. Mr Fiala is the joint prime ministerial candidate of the three-party Spolu (Together) coalition, which won the October parliamentary elections, and the two-party PirSTAN (Pirates and Mayors and Independents) coalition, which secured third place in the vote.

The future prime minister announced on Twitter that he had handed the president a list of ministerial candidates for the newly forming government. The cabinet is expected to consist of 18 members, with the Spolu coalition giving ten ministers in addition to the prime minister and the PirSTAN coalition seven.

After yesterday’s meeting with the president, Mr Fiala said that Milos Zeman had objections to one of the candidates, but the leader of the Civic Democrats refused to disclose the name.

Mr Fiala is scheduled to be appointed prime minister in the castle of Lany. The president will then meet each of the ministerial candidates separately over the next ten days. Mr Fiala says the full government could be in place within three weeks.



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