Protagonist of Anonymus videos stays silent

A Hungarian editorial office has tracked down the key figure of a recent Anonymus video, but he did not wish to respond to the journalist’s questions.

English POLITIKA 2022. MÁRCIUS 23. 15:57

Anonymus, the mysterious figure who continues to spice up Hungarian domestic politics, published another video a week ago. After revealing details about the company network linked to liberal MEP Katalin Cseh last year, and then about a real estate scandal in the capital, the masked figure took aim at the district-level politicians of Budapest.

“As a departure point, I will talk about Gabor Patek, Laszlo Fischer and Robert Deak and their dealings in the 3rd, 18th and 19th districts,”Anonymus said in a video last Wednesday. Mr Patek was the trusted right-hand man of Peter Gajda, a politician of the Socialist party (MSZP). Later he also worked as the chief of staff of the mayor of Kispest (the 19th district of Budapest) for a while, before appearing around the leftist mayor of the 3rd district recently. Later, the masked figure provided additional information about Mr Patek and published a video, in which Mr Patek and his business associate are seen exchanging amounts “back-channeled” on the instructions of the said municipality led by the left-wing.

Mediaworks News Centre has managed to reach Mr Patek, one of the key figures of the latest Anonymous videos, by phone, but he replied to each and every question that he did not wish to comment on the issue at the moment, Magyar Nemzet reports.

According to press reports, Mr Patek was also involved in the primaries campaign of Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony, the portal recalls.



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