City hall boasts of Pride events for preschoolers

City hall boasts of Pride events for preschoolers

Several kindergartens in the Swedish city of Karlstad organised Pride events for kids, the city hall reported on social media.

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In early September, several kindergartens in the Swedish city of Karlstad organised Pride events for children, with programmes which included making a rainbow flag and the kids’ own Pride graffiti or taking part in a joint march, the local council reported on social media.

According to the post, the kindergartens involved in the events make a lot of efforts so that everyone can become who they would like to be, which was also the key message of the programme.


The photos show kids waving rainbow flags, teachers wearing fancy dress costumes or rainbow accessories, as well as children spray-painting a Pride graffiti that also features the blue-pink-white transgender flag.

The event has come under heavy criticism.

Many argue that children should not learn about all sorts of ideologies, they should just be allowed to remain children. Others point out that it is completely unnatural to teach children about transgender ideology and explain to preschoolers how they can change their gender. Still others say that the question whether they are attracted to girls or boys should not even occur to young children.

The city hall responded to the criticism by saying that the parents had been informed about the programme in advance and that participation was not mandatory.

As V4NA reported earlier, the library in Simrishamn, a small town in Sweden, hosted its own Pride Week targeting children. The library announced on social media that although they always showed support for LGBTQ issues and inclusion, for this year’s Pride they were planning to offer something special.

The photos shared in the post show how the library is being decorated with rainbow colours and what a vast number of LGBTQ-themed books for children and youth they have collected.

During the library’s Pride Week, children and teenagers could take part in crafts activities and attend presentations.



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