FM speaks out against violation of rights of Transcarpathia's ethnic Hungarians

Kiev is using the "challenges" faced by eastern Ukraine as a reason to continuously undermine the rights of national communities, including the rights of ethnic Hungarians in Transcarpathia, which is unacceptable, Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto told an extraordinary meeting of NATO foreign ministers held online on Friday.

POLITIKA English 2022. JANUÁR 8. 10:56

According to a statement issued on Friday by Hungary’s foreign ministry, Peter Szijjarto stressed during the virtual meeting that a strong, secure and democratic Ukraine is in Hungary’s interest, adding that Hungary will continue to stand up for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. He emphasized, however, that Budapest considers the continuous violation of the rights of Ukraine’s ethnic Hungarian communities as unacceptable, noting that the new bill – which would effectively exclude dual citizens from holding public office – is equally unacceptable.

If the new legislation is adopted, “it will significantly limit the Hungarian government’s room for maneuver in supporting Ukraine,” Hungary’s FM has said, drawing the attention of NATO members to this eventuality in advance and asking them to help put an end to the rights violations.

Peter Szijjarto welcomed recent consultations between the presidents of the US and Russia. It is much better from the perspective of Central European security if the United States and Russia can negotiate at the highest level, he said, referring to historical experience.