Gergely Gulyas: In the "European cultural sphere" you don't make statements Peter Marki-Zay has made

Most of Peter Marki-Zay's remarks "are in line with the positions held by the left over the past decades," Gergely Gulyas, the minister heading the Prime Minister's Office, told a government press briefing on Thursday, when asked about a recent comment by the Hungarian left's PM candidate. "That’s why it's been easy for the Hungarian left wing to support him," he added.

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“A potential opposition coalition would also be tainted by anti-Semitism,” he said, as “they’re still allying themselves with those who, just a few years ago, called for the listing of Jews”.

In the “European cultural sphere” you don’t make statements the prime ministerial candidate has made, the minister concluded. As is known, Mr Marki-Zay has said there are Jews in the ruling party, but not very many.

13th month pension would be under threat

Concerning the 13 month pension, Mr Gulyas said the Socialist government of Ferenc Gyurcsany had scrapped the measure, and Marki-Zay too, was against it. “So the 13th month pension would obviously be under threat if the left came to power,” he said. Asked if a new left-wing government could be expected to privatise healthcare, Mr Gulyas said the last left-wing government had wanted to privatise both healthcare services and hospitals, and now Marki-Zay is saying that only privatisation can help the sector in the current situation.