Police use tear gas to disperse crowd protesting outside parliament

Police use tear gas to disperse crowd protesting outside parliament

Dozens of citizens gathered in protest against pandemic measures on Friday morning in front of the parliament.

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A large crowd gathered in front of the parliament building in Bratislava to stage a demonstration against measures intended to fight the pandemic, the Slovak news portal Denník N reports, covering the protest from minute to minute. The news site has published several videos of the demonstration on its Facebook account.

Protesters are chanting slogans such as „Slovakia belongs to us!” or „vaccine fascism”, bumm.sk reports. According to the ma7.sk new site, the demonstrators are chanting that they do not want mandatory vaccination. The outraged protesters have reportedly reached the entrance of the parliament, where they hurled eggs at the entrance and the police officers. Riot police emerged from the building and started to push back the crowd. The authorities even had to deploy tear gas. One officer has been injured, ujszo.com wrote.

An extraordinary session of the National Council is under way in the parliament today. MPs discuss, among others, a bill that would take vaccination into account when enforcing certain anti-pandemic protection measures, including entry to certain facilities, bumm.sk writes.

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