Country sees sharp rise in anti-white acts – video

Country sees sharp rise in anti-white acts – video

Figures released by the interior ministry show a 65 per cent increase in incidents targeting white people. Attacks against Christian and Jewish places of worship account for the vast majority of religion-related atrocities. A young woman was nearly hit by a firework projectile upon leaving a restaurant in the capital, only to face a spate of racist insults when she tried to file a complaint.

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Racism in France appears to be shifting towards white people. While anti-racist activists point to systemic racism and highlight attacks and insults against people of colour, racism against whites is becoming increasingly widespread in the country.

A growing number of offences and attacks against whites are taking place, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin admitted. On the commission of the interior ministry, the French National Consultative Commission on Human Rights (CNCDH) has released its report on the fight against xenophobia, anti-Semitism and racism, revealing that in 2020, the number of ant-white acts committed in France increased by 65 per cent. Although acts against Arabs and blacks remain the most common, with 238 and 197 such racist incidents reported respectively last year, racist acts against the white population was the only category that saw an increase in the number of incidents in 2020. The interior ministry’s report shows that in 2019, 34 anti-white racist acts were committed in the country compared to 56 in 2020, indicating a 65 per cent rise in incidents whose victims were white.

The study also looks at religion-related racist acts. Figures show that anti-Muslim incidents increased by 53 per cent in 2020 while attacks against Jewish and Christian communities saw a decline by 51 and 23 per cent respectively. However, the report also reveals that despite the decreasing numbers, the proportion of attacks against Christian churches and cemeteries accounted for the vast majority (86 per cent) of attacks against all places of worship. Although this figure is slightly lower than 89 per cent in 2019, it still remains extremely high.

Just recently, yet another anti-white incident took place in the French capital. A young woman and her brother were leaving a restaurant in the Couronnes district in Paris when she was nearly hit by one of the firework projectiles young people on motorbikes were shooting at police officers. When she complained about this, the only response she got was that she shouldn’t have been at the scene. The young people also added that “In the name of Allah we’ll f**k your kind”, making it evident that it was an anti-white attack committed by Muslims.

In another post she shared later she added that back at home, when she was having a shower and removed the rubber band holding her hair together, she could smell burnt hair and a handful of hair remained in her palm. The firework projectile exploded so close to her that it was by pure chance that she did not suffer serious injuries.

The young woman is considering filing a complaint with the police but she is aware that she wouldn’t get anywhere with it.




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